2016 Community Funded Project | Sexual Assault Centre London

The Foundation’s award of almost $7,500 enabled almost 40 young women participate in the Girls Creating Change program. The Program is an innovative and impactful violence prevention program for young women in our community and is designed to encourage girls and young women to form a critical and socially conscious community of peers.


Violence prevention is of utmost importance as approximately 60% of youth will experience some form of sexual violence before the age of 18.  In the four years since its inception, the program has served over 400 girls and has provided a safe space for their voices to be heard.



“With the support of the Top 20 Under 40 Alumni Foundation, our Girls Creating Change program has been able to support 38 young women in our community. These girls come from diverse backgrounds as young mums, having newcomer/refugee status, experiencing homelessness/poverty, mental health struggles, and involvement in the criminal justice system.

These groups have come together to form community, friendships and to make change through their unique ‘take action’ projects. Some of their projects include: creating care packages for new mums at Victoria Hospital with custom buttons and handmade nursing pads, filming a video on dress codes, and writing body positive messages for other young women at their community centre.”

~ Sexual Assault Centre London