Community Project 2015 | St. Joseph’s Hospice London

In 2015, through the generous support of, and donations from our 20Under40 alumni, the Foundation was able to fund 12 emergency call bell lanyards for Hospice residents. The portable call bell provides the opportunity for residents to move around the property while having the peace of mind that assistance is just a notification away. The call bell lanyards provide individuals nearing the end of their lives greater independence and enjoyment, since residents can spend time outside of their rooms enjoying everything that the Hospice has to offer, without compromising their safety.


“The call bells donated by the Top 20 Under 40 Foundation to St. Joseph’s Hospice have enabled our residents to get up out of bed, no matter where they are in the hospice. They can call the nurse from anywhere in or around the building, including outside on the terrace, or their private balcony. Because they are able to call the nurse from anywhere in the hospice (since the call bell is around their neck on a lanyard), they can venture outside, or simply explore the hospice with loved ones. This helps them maintain their freedom and dignity while they are here. We are incredibly grateful to the foundation for supporting the work we do.”

~ Wendy Boyle, Director, Residential Services, St. Joseph’s Hospice