Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Foundation select the grant recipient?

The Foundation Board of Directors compiles and reviews all submissions. A short list of potential recipients is created and distributed to all Foundation Supporters for review. Following the review period, Foundations Supporters are asked to vote for their preferred Proposal. The greatest number of votes determines the grant recipient.

What kind of project does the Foundation fund?

The Foundation reviews ALL grant proposals submitted within the submission period and shows no preference to any specific type of project. Please see our Projects page for a summary of past awarded grants.

May I submit a proposal outside of the submission deadline?

Submissions received after the submission deadlines will not be reviewed.

How will we be notified?

The Board of Directors will follow up directly with organizations if additional information is required. The Board of Directors will notify the organization to be awarded the grant prior to the annual 20 Under 40 Awards Gala, which is held in November. The grant recipient will be announced publicly at the Gala event.